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PA and the cb3000 Aug. 18th, 2006 @ 08:38 pm
The PA works so much better on security. I love trying to get out of my "cage" now I can't. My keyholder knows that I can't stand knowing I can get out of the device. Now I am completely hers. The fun will begin.

Just a few weeks. Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 08:53 pm
It has been a while since I posted because of work but I did make it a few weeks without taking off my cb3000. There were many nights that I thought of removing it but was able to fight through the rush since I would leave the keys at work and not have them handy. I didn't want to cut the lock because I like the look of it. (not the normal lock from Miller). I did try to pick it once or twice but I have no idea how to pick it. And Once I almost cut the o-ring security ring but decided not to. Finally at the last, my sexual tension was so great that I had a "wet dream" after that I decided it was time to let myself out and "enjoy the moment" one more time. :)

I would love to experience a "O" without any direct stimulation. Talking with a few in chastity that have gone more than a few weeks and preform oral on their "partners" during the act they have been teased to the point of no return and have had an "O" without direct stimulation. Must have been a real mind F__k!!!!

Maybe one day.

Ever feel more comfortable in something not "normal"? Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 06:18 pm
I have a friend that swears that he feels much better when wearing a collar. Being naturally submissive and also into puppy and pony play he loves collars. He told me once that he felt more at ease with life in a collar.....

I find that feeling (or at least somewhat that feeling) when wearing a chastity device. I find that I can focus better also. When I leave the keys where I can't get to them and know there is no way out without damaging my CB3000 I relax my erotic thoughts of chastity. If I have the keys close. Well I can't make it more than a few hours sometimes without getting the keys and releaving my sexual tension.

The next step is to give the keys away so I don't have the control. Someone else does. Would I want it 24/7 365. I don't think so. However I would love to have to deal with chastity for long periods without release.

Sitting here in my CB3000 I find my mind is not as foggy when it comes to the lifestyle. Would I try "just about anything" once. I can say "yes". I find that if I stay in chastity it keeps my Dominate thoughts completely from my mind. Knowing that I know that I could easily stay submissive if kept in this state. If let out. Well, I am sure that my Dominate side would show up and I would want to have a taste of control. As _banshee_ said, I could consider myself a switch. Which side I would prefer would depend on my partner.
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Sexual tension. Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 12:07 am
I find that as long as I keep my sexual tension high, I feel more submissive and open to any ideas. If I "releave" that sexual tension, I find that my Dom thoughts show up. So, does that mean I am natually submissive or Dominate? I love letting go on control and in the same breath I can say that I love taking that control also. I have never had the "RT" chance to find out what side of the "ropes" I fit on. Could I be a 24/7 submissive? I think so. Could I be a 24/7 Dom? I think so. Would I be happy with just one roll? No clue.
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Had to make some modifications. Mar. 19th, 2005 @ 04:06 pm
I had to make some modifications by getting a smaller oring to insure no pull outs. The old o-ring was a little lose and I was afraid at night I might slip out of it. This one works much better and after many, many tries I believe I have the prefect set up for security without a peircing. The biggest advantage is, I can stand at a urnail and pee without any problems or worries of "splashing" like normally in chastity or with a priecing.
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» Going back into chastity.
After reading a few post about chastity. I have decided to put myself back into chastity for a while. Well as long as I can last. I am hoping to make it till Sat with no hitches. I am wanting to work my way up to wearing it at all times other than when my wife is in the mood. Which isn't that often after children. No time and always worn out. Both of us. I am hoping to meet someone that I can explore some of my interest with locally but we will see. Dallas, is a big place.
» heels.
How do I love seeing a woman in heels. I find myself looking at their feet before even looking at any other part of their body. I think men should be able to wear heels also. I have a few pairs of heels, more chunky and a few pair I can go out in and no one notices. Would love to have a few pairs of boots with nice heels. At least this fetish I can enjoy watching or wearing. LOL
» New ring for the 3000 and a new steel belt.
I decided to order a new ring for my 3000 that does not have the hindge. The new ring is much nicer. I also got a hair up my butt and built a new stainless belt last weekend between 11 and 3 in the morning.lol. It isn't my greatest work but I do not have all my metal working tools here yet. The big difference I find about a steel belt over a CB is the fact that you can't see anything that looks remotely like a penis. When I wear the Steel belt I find myself reaching down to find my "member" and finding a smooth front plate. I become to feel almost "A-gendered".. I wonder if anyone else out there has a Steel belt and how they feel in it?
» Tantra, Chastity, Found on the web
Early Tantric writings have many similarities to today's chastity lifestyle. The relationship between the chaste male and his wife are very close to customs of Tantrism which were formed around the belief that women possessed a higher level of spiritual energy than men, and that men could only hope to attain this through a loving, sexual and emotional relationship with a woman. This meant that the frequency of intercourse and male orgasm was controlled by the woman, and that she should be pleased by him, before he would have an orgasm. Tantric teachings tell us that the feeling of being drained after orgasm is a loss in spiritual energy, and that a man should store up his vital fluids rather than expending his energy in ejaculation, thus the chastity lifestyle. He will learn to experience sexual ecstasy without the need for frequent ejaculations and orgasms.
Today's Tantra and the Chastity lifestyle:
Male chastity today fits more commonly in to a healthy loving and sexual relationship than into the world of BDSM, and it works best if the following 5 elements are part of that relationship:
1. Your wife is willing to participate in the Tantra and the lifestyle.
2. Your wife will not “give in” early to intercourse. If she needs to be pleasured, oral is required.
3. Both understand that the longer between ejaculations the closer the chances for a male orgasm without stimulation.
4. You want to reach the orgasm without stimulation.
5. Chastity is being used to improve the sexual relations between the husband and wife.
Male chastity today is something unique to each individual man and his relationship. In general no one style of chastity is better than any other; it is what is best for you and your wife.
With the increased interest in the wonders of male chastity the internet has exploded with information, there are many stories of men who remain in their chastity devices for many months at a time without any release.
Within some loving relationships the husband is kept in chastity by his wife, he will be locked in for a period of weeks and released on a planned special night. It is not uncommon in relationships where the wife was introduced by her husband to male chastity that he will remain locked in for periods of 6 months or so. Usually in these cases the husband will experience a orgasm while orally pleasing his wife.
Just because a man is in a chastity device does not mean that he should not initiate sex. Many chaste men are still expected by their wife to "make the first move".
As mentioned at the beginning of this page the use of chastity belts and devices can bring something very special to your life whether you are single or in a relationship.
© Elizabeth Steven
» Neosteel.
Euro is down. The belt I want dropped from 1225 to 1015. WOW. I have a measuring kit. Do I buy? What to do... what to do...
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