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Early Tantric writings have many similarities to today's chastity lifestyle. The relationship between the chaste male and his wife are very close to customs of Tantrism which were formed around the belief that women possessed a higher level of spiritual energy than men, and that men could only hope to attain this through a loving, sexual and emotional relationship with a woman. This meant that the frequency of intercourse and male orgasm was controlled by the woman, and that she should be pleased by him, before he would have an orgasm. Tantric teachings tell us that the feeling of being drained after orgasm is a loss in spiritual energy, and that a man should store up his vital fluids rather than expending his energy in ejaculation, thus the chastity lifestyle. He will learn to experience sexual ecstasy without the need for frequent ejaculations and orgasms.
Today's Tantra and the Chastity lifestyle:
Male chastity today fits more commonly in to a healthy loving and sexual relationship than into the world of BDSM, and it works best if the following 5 elements are part of that relationship:
1. Your wife is willing to participate in the Tantra and the lifestyle.
2. Your wife will not “give in” early to intercourse. If she needs to be pleasured, oral is required.
3. Both understand that the longer between ejaculations the closer the chances for a male orgasm without stimulation.
4. You want to reach the orgasm without stimulation.
5. Chastity is being used to improve the sexual relations between the husband and wife.
Male chastity today is something unique to each individual man and his relationship. In general no one style of chastity is better than any other; it is what is best for you and your wife.
With the increased interest in the wonders of male chastity the internet has exploded with information, there are many stories of men who remain in their chastity devices for many months at a time without any release.
Within some loving relationships the husband is kept in chastity by his wife, he will be locked in for a period of weeks and released on a planned special night. It is not uncommon in relationships where the wife was introduced by her husband to male chastity that he will remain locked in for periods of 6 months or so. Usually in these cases the husband will experience a orgasm while orally pleasing his wife.
Just because a man is in a chastity device does not mean that he should not initiate sex. Many chaste men are still expected by their wife to "make the first move".
As mentioned at the beginning of this page the use of chastity belts and devices can bring something very special to your life whether you are single or in a relationship.
© Elizabeth Steven
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