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Going back into chastity. - My Dark Secrets

About Going back into chastity.

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Date:January 20th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)


If you like chastity so much and your wife don`t want sex after kids then get your wife to put you into a chastity belt and distroy all the keys then use a nice 10 inch long strapon dildo to use on her then you can please her much more and get much more cuddeling and kissing ect.. I know it works for me becose I have been locked in a chastity belt for more then 10 years and my wife is very happy sexully and very proud of me and when I get horny she talks with me and tells me it is ok to be horny but she is proud of my chastity becose she is glad that I can not orgasen and cum my male sperm ever becose of the mess the sperm makes and she loves me being bigger with a 12 inch realistic strapon dildo and it vibrates too! wich she loves lery much and me making my wife happy makes me happy.
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