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Previous Entry Just a few weeks. Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 08:53 pm Next Entry
It has been a while since I posted because of work but I did make it a few weeks without taking off my cb3000. There were many nights that I thought of removing it but was able to fight through the rush since I would leave the keys at work and not have them handy. I didn't want to cut the lock because I like the look of it. (not the normal lock from Miller). I did try to pick it once or twice but I have no idea how to pick it. And Once I almost cut the o-ring security ring but decided not to. Finally at the last, my sexual tension was so great that I had a "wet dream" after that I decided it was time to let myself out and "enjoy the moment" one more time. :)

I would love to experience a "O" without any direct stimulation. Talking with a few in chastity that have gone more than a few weeks and preform oral on their "partners" during the act they have been teased to the point of no return and have had an "O" without direct stimulation. Must have been a real mind F__k!!!!

Maybe one day.
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